Welcome to Paphos
Podiatry Clinic

Welcome to Paphos Podiatry Clinic

Why are your
feet so important

We begin by taking baby steps, and then we learn to walk, run, skip, hop and jump every single day of our lives. Healthy feet are important to everyone, irrespective of age, for your overall health and well-being

About the clinic

  • Pafos Podiatry Centre is exceeding the expectations of a podiatry clinic by its professionalism and modern clinical environment. The clinic works under the Health Care Professions Council of both Cypriot and British Standards while its continuous development in clinical care is evident.

  • Whether you have a short or long term foot or ankle pain(s), are suffering sore feet at work, training for a special event or want to have your gait analysed, we offer wide variety of Podiatry Services.

  • If you are searching for professional one on one podiatry care,look no further.

    Feel free to call +357 26 220 100, send us an email or simply fill in the appointment request form by clicking the button below.

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  • The staff are registered with both the British and Cypriot Association of Registered Podiatrists. The clinic has transferred its experience and era from England after years of practicing in London, Southampton and Birmingham.

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  • Find out all about our services by clicking the button below. If you are not sure what service you need you can use our ‘Pain identifier tool to find out what causes you pain and how you can treat it.

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Foot and ankle
Pain Identifier

If you are experiencing some minor to moderate pain right now, then our Foot and Ankle Pain Identifier Guide will help you understand what’s wrong until you get to your doctor’s appointment.Foot pain identifier


We deal with foot and leg related problems. We meet with you to determine the nature of your problem and design a remedy and maintenance program for you. This may include a once only visit, treatment program, personalised fitting for orthotics or special shoe wear, a specially designed exercise program, liaison with your doctor for specialist referrals or specialised treatments.

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Feel free to call, send us an email or simply fill in the appointment booking

Contact us

OFFICE 101, 1st FLOOR,
PAPHOS, 8010,

Phone: +357 26 220 100
Mobile: +357 99 281 111
Email: info@paphospodiatry.com
Skype: christiana.kallona