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Whether you have a short or long term foot or ankle pain(s), are suffering sore feet at work, training for a special event or want to have your gait analyzed, we offer wide variety of Podiatry Services.

Biomechanical Assessments
Assessment of each and every foot joint. Analysis of your walking or running gait to establish the cause of pain or promote better results in athletes. The production and use of orthotics can be prescribed post biomechanical assessment.
Gait Analysis
A tool where you walk on, up and down in your natural gait pattern. Makes a very sensitive and precise scan of your feet while you walk and then transfers that information on our software. It shows the distribution of pressure while you walk and gait patterns. Can help, children, elderly, diabetics, arthritis, runners, athletes, before and after surgery.
Diabetes Complications / Assessment + Treatment
Testing of the blood supply and neurological status in your feet. Always in communication with your Diabetologist and Angeologists we can advise diagnose and treat ulcers or trauma caused due to prolonged neuropathy and further skin injury.
With the use of surgical blade we can treat your corns and callus and painful areas anywhere on your feet. Treatment of Verrucaeā€™s and many other dermatological conditions.
Nail Surgery
With the use of local anesthetic minor surgical procedure is performed under sterile conditions to treat infected in growing toe nails that stop you wearing your shoes, or do sports or even cause pain when simply walking.
General Foot Care
Assessment and treatment of general foot conditions, nail pathologies, elderly foot care, sweaty feet, blisters, toe deformities, athletes foot.
Childrens’ Feet – Podopaediatrics
Expert assessment, parents can trust in early or late childhood development on gait (walk patterns).
Ankle Pain, Arch Pain, Post surgery pain, Forefoot pain, Heel pain, Stress fracture, overuse injuries-training, Shin pain, Plantar fasciitis. Diagnosis and treatment of injuries with options discussed with patient after long history taking and assessment
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis causes deformities on feet and are very painful. We can help relieve the pain with gait analysis scanner showing which bones suffer more. Provide cushioned orthotics to make every step easier
Foot Care Advice
Feel free to meet and discuss any concerns you have for yourself, a relative, friend or child.
Footwear Advice
The most common mistake everyone makes is choosing wrong shoes. parents, athletes, elderly, specific foot injuries and foot pathologies, diabetics, friends suffering with arthritis, children. All types of foot deformities and suffering feet need to be advice before choosing the correct shoe. We can discuss all the details in the clinic.
Presentations – Public Health Advice
We are happy to prepare in Greek or English information material as well as live presentations to audience that you think will be in great need of advice. This can be focused in schools- children or parents advice, interest groups, communities, athletic centers, healthcare events etc.
If you are keen in helping others then you will definitely see us around volunteering in events where podiatry can play a great role. Worlds Diabetes Day, Worlds Arthritis Day, Marathons, Volunteering communities, Basketball, Football events. You name it, we try to be part of communities that want to see the very best in each and every one of you. If you have any suggestions please let us know. You are always welcome in our clinic or contact us via email or phone call.
Referrals / Doctors
At Paphos Podiatry we strongly value our relationships with referrers. We appreciate that effective communication and teamwork among healthcare professionals greatly improves patient safety and quality of care. This is why our Podiatrists are always available for contact if you have a concern.


We deal with foot and leg related problems. We meet with you to determine the nature of your problem and design a remedy and maintenance program for you. This may include a once only visit, treatment program, personalised fitting for orthotics or special shoe wear, a specially designed exercise program, liaison with your doctor for specialist referrals or specialised treatments.

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